Hello, I’m Marianne. I’m a multi-disciplinary designer with a great love for visual art, culture and music. My skills vary from print design and branding to animation and interactive design. I have a masters degree in Communication Design from The Glasgow School of Art and a BA in Fine Art from Grays School of Art, both in Scotland. I now live in London where I am working as a designer for onedotzero.

I also DJ in my spare time collecting records and contributing to radio stations Intergalactic FM in The Netherlands and NTS in London. In my free time, I make music, cycle my pink bike around the city and cook vegetarian food.


Marianne Wilson Degree Show Statement

Marianne Wilson is a graphic designer and visual artist who works across-media in film, installation, computer programming and printed materials. She recently graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a masters degree in Communication Design. Wilson’s work is a synthesis of visual art practice and her extensive experience as a DJ and club promoter. The AlgoRhythm project is a realisation of her work, fusing a live music event performed within a nightclub format, with her developmental and explorative practice examining graphics and computer programming. The materials in the exhibition and the documentation of the live event, are outcomes of her interest in technology and how its evolution has impacted on processes of social consciousness.


AlgoRhythm Press Release

AlgoRhythm is a collaborative event that formulates connections between digital art and dynamic sound. It is a social/digital event realised within the format of a nightclub where computer programming is utilised to generate motion graphics. The creation of these graphics is realised through integrating input generated by Wilson (through the authorship of the computer programming and live curation) and the reaction of the programming to sound (variations in tone, bass, frequency and volume) generated by musicians during a live electronic music performance.

The AlgoRhythm project evolved through a developmental and explorative practice examining graphics and computer programming, the mathematics of geometry, nature and code, the complexity of software and how these might be integrated into a live event where they could be triggered by and react to sound performance. The emotional content of this “reactive” visual language is driven by the unpredictability of a particular kind of primitive sound – the project’s live performance elements were curated specifically to use analogue instruments and effects – creating a parallel consideration of simple or raw sound wave forms with basic geometry.

AlgoRhythm’s intent is to foster a particular type of collective experience composed simply (on a surface viewing at any rate) of light and sound and merge this with a potentially transmutational aspect of the “shared social experience” of the event itself. The idea at the heart of the project crosses academic work with a life long passion for music and club culture. These two strands of interest were bound together in order to create an event that reflects the accumulation of the experience and inspiration Wilson has drawn from being both an active DJ/club promoter and evolving visual artist. Important and implicit within the project is the idea of “the nightclub” as a site for a particular type of creative practice. The socially dynamic conditions of the nightclub as a place of self-expression and emotional/intellectual exploration, a social space lacking hierarchies or definitive rules.  A space saturated with visual culture (print materials, projected visual elements, mediated sound and sound systems) and a site of experiential socio-cultural production. Wilson’s work is directly influenced by a number of significant artists in the field of digital animation; John Whitney, a seminal American animator and composer, Lillian Schwartz a pioneer of computer mediated art and one of the first female artists responsible for validating computer art as a recognised artistic medium and Robert Henke, a contemporary artist working across the fields of audiovisual installation, music and performance as an artist, writer and lecturer.

– Alan Miller